Project Summary

The task of the competition for the Serlachius Museum Gösta was to design an extension of the existing building. The current museum is a solitaire exposed on the top of a landscape just in front of a marvellouse lake. Architects In Rome proposes to preserve the beauty of the natural surroundings and integrate them into the museum system. Hidden underground the extension maintains the visible beauty of the existing landscape and the characteristic focal point of the historic museum building. Flowing down the hilly landscape between the trees the building fills in the clearances of the forest. The silhouette of a swan, surround the small historical building throwing to the small island on the lake , even the bridge as the neck of the swan is a unique part with the continuity of the structure.

Project Info

  • Type
  • Area
    10.000 m²
  • Year
  • Status
  • Team
    Nicola Cabiati, Maya Ben Ammar, Adriano De Giovannis, Adam Ozarski, Davide Galli.

Museum Design

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