Project Summary

Designed by sculptors Giacomo Tringali and Massimo Mazzone, Slancio (leap) is a "built sculpture " in collaboration with AIR architects who prepared the 3D modeling of the object. "Slancio" is located at the Venice Marco Polo Airport was presented at the 2016 Architecture Biennale.

The work consists of a triangular prism that twists to become a helix, that is, a "Slancio" that takes the form of the take-off and landing of planes. The material (COR-TEN type A steel) is an alloy that contains self-protection of the material itself and therefore does not require any treatment or painting. The oxidation gives an orange-brown color that in our opinion harmonizes well with the exposed bricks of the beautiful project by the architect Mar. The work has imposing foundations to support a significant overhang: it rests on the ground for only 10 cm and rises almost 9 meters. There is a clear reference to Venetian piling.

The anchoring system suitable to support such a slender shape comes from laboriously studying Venetian piling. Arzanà (from Arsenale) is the humble craft of the pile drivers who built Venice. The site is very constrained, consider that the airport is only 90 cm above sea level. Imagine Venice for a moment without water, you would see an immense forest of piles, which form the foundation of the City. Construction today is much the same as it was in past, built on a foundation of piles. In fact, under the concrete base there are micro-piles that go down for 12 meter and the structure is as if it were autonomous from its surroundings. Thus, the work is balanced, able to support the cantilever and expected and unexpected event.

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    Massimo Mazzone, Giacomo Tringali, Federico Dal Brun, Osvaldo Tiberti, Michele D’Agostino , Emiliano Coletta, Nicola Cabiati, Maya Ben Ammar, Pierfrancesco Imbrenda , Laura Cazzaniga, Federica Filippini, Alessandro Zorzetto, Matteo Cremonesi.

Drawings and Model