Project Summary

Located 400km southeast of Addis Ababa, Bale Mountains National Park contains a spectacularly diverse landscape. The high altitude, afro-montane Sanetti Plateau rises to over 4,000m and includes the highest peak in the southern Ethiopia highlands. This undulating plateau is marked by numerous glacial lakes and swamps and surrounded by higher volcanic ridges and peaks. The southern slopes are covered by the lush and largely unexplored Harenna Forest.In this mythical scenario air designs a small resort made up of a camping space, 15 housing units and a wellness spa with restaurant. The design of the small houses is inspired by typical types of huts made of straw and mud. Air suggests resuming the technique local construction using recycled plastic bottles to be inserted into the walls as an inner tube and to give lightness to the walls themselves.
A peculiarity of the wellness center is the roof made like a large cup that can collect rainwater and store it in tanks to feed the indoor spa pool.

Project Info

  • TYPE
  • AREA
    10 ha
  • YEAR
    On going
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